How to Win at B School Case Study Competitions

Case studies refer to one of the most practical teaching tools used to analyze students' practical knowledge. Case studies involve an in-depth investigation concerning a subject of study. Students are often required to apply their analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills while solving case study questions. Case studies can be used in various disciplines to investigate real-life scenarios and provide solutions to some problems. Students can enrich their resumes while still studying by engaging in case study competitions. Case study competitions are practical extracurricular events that are significant in highlighting a student's learning, writing, and teaching skills.

B school case study competitions are contests organized as a qualitative research method for students to use the information provided and produce an analysis that will b used to score them. These case competitions exist for various disciplines, including business, sciences, and humanities, among others. B school case study competitions not only benefit an educational institution's faculty. They also offer an opportunity for students to demonstrate their expertise at business schools and universities. When a student takes part in a b school case study competition, they can learn valuable skills. Similarly, one gets an opportunity to solve real-time problems that one may encounter in their future careers.

B school case study competitions require students' active participation because they sharpen a person's innovative and cognitive skills. While case studies can be in written and presentation formats, they could also come in other types. For instance, b school case studies may adhere to one main functional domain, such as finance, management, or business. Similarly, case studies may be descriptive or explanatory, each requiring a different strategy for solving. All in all, b school case study competitions require the participants to work in groups. Although it is a straightforward process, thoughtful preparation is necessary for a team to win. Some of the tips that may enable one to succeed in a case study competition include:

Selecting a balanced team – Selecting a group whose members are diversified brings different perspectives and ideas. Having additional skills also strengthens the competency of a team. In a b school competition, teams should comprise of members from various domains with different skillsets. Therefore, one should be keen in selecting the type of members he/she works with.

Conduct thorough research- it is possible for a team to be given a topic that does not fall under any member's expertise. However, through dedication and conducting thorough research, any team stands a chance to win the competition. Notably, going beyond while finding relevant data demonstrates a team's interest and expertise.

Identify similar real-life scenarios- b school case study competitions involve actual real-life business scenarios. Therefore, participants should seek to identify the possible solutions applied when solving these situations.

Prepare a well-structured solution and presentation: a team should select their best speakers who are comfortable speaking in public. Similarly, the presentation should be professional, sober, and useful.

Ensure the flow of logic- the presentation should have a natural flow of ideas that leads one to a conclusion.

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