Things to Do When Helping Kids Write Book Reviews

Teachers usually give kids in middle school and high school book review writing assignments, go to – However, it is essential to understand that these children typically require some extra help to come up with exquisite reviews. Here are some of the things you should do when you are helping a kid write a book review assignment;

  1. Look for review samples and examples before showing kids how to draft reviews; it is best to look for review examples. This is very important as it will help you refresh your book review writing skills. Understand that you can easily find reviews by middle and high school students in newspapers, magazines, or online.
  2. Read the reviews selected – help the kid go through the reviews you have collected. This step’s importance is that it allows the kid to get the overall feel of the task at hand. They get to see the book review structure, the tone used, and the kind of information it is supposed to contain.
  3. Assist the kid in selecting a book to review – where the teacher has not assigned the student a specific book; you need to help them choose the book that they will study. The best way to go here is by choosing their favorite. The fact that they love this book will not only lead to a high degree of comprehension on the kids’ part; it will also have them willing to do the necessary work needed when writing the review.
  4. Read the book – here; you are supposed to read the book together with the kid you are teaching how to write reviews. The main focus here is to help show them the primary elements of the book. These factors include the title of the book, its thesis, and the book’s overall plot.
  5. Help them take notes while reading the book – this is very important. It would be best if you encouraged the kid to take notes of the book’s main points as they come across them. Since the reading is the research part of review writing, jotting down points will help them have enough material for their review.
  6. Create an outline – after reading the book and jotting points down, the next step should be to create an outline for the kid. This is important as it shows them what they are supposed to do and when they should do it. It is also imperative to show the kid that they need to put every in a single paragraph. No two points should share a single paragraph.
  7. Do some background research on the author – having the kid do some background research on the writer will help them know the author and, in turn, understand the book under study clearly. Realizing the kind of books the said author writes will give the kid a better insight into what the author was looking to achieve when writing the said book.

Review writing is an essential exercise as not only does it improve the kids’ reading comprehension; it also provides them with an opportunity to sharpen their writing skills. Therefore, where a child is given a review writing assignment, it is best to provide them with the needed support they require when crafting the document.

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