Doctorate thesis

The doctorate thesis can be the first and last serious writing work of the student who obtains his doctoral degree through the writing of the results of his research and the consequent defense of the dissertation. The essays, reports, reports and all documents formally prepared in writing during those years of university education, were mere preheating exercises for the final test: the preparation of the doctoral thesis.

With saying “it may be the first and last serious writing work”, I am referring to the fact that most of the graduates will not write anything so delayed, so deep, documented, or as extensive as the thesis; nor to have someone constantly on top (the advisor, if he pays attention to his thesis), telling him what is good and what is not right from the manuscript sketches, where to remove or add him, or how to make it more clear what is confusing or simple the abstract

It can be the first and last work of serious writing for two possible reasons: (1) because when finishing the doctorate the graduates will be incorporated to the public function, or to the company, or to the life of the businesses, or to live on their rents, and they will leave the school writer behind; or, (2) because, also, although they join the academy as teachers or as research professors, the search for recognition and professional prosperity -that are stimulated and economically rewarded by institutions such as the National System of Researchers (SNI) in Mexico-, forces them to write and publish small communications that inform the results of their studies, communications that are nothing more than academic and / or scientific articles.

Thus, for the university professor, in the context of “publish or perish”, approaching the mere idea of ​​writing a book as an individual author, is not even taken into account. For those teachers and / or researchers, planning and writing a book represents a great waste of time that is detrimental to the production of their articles.

There are relatively few doctoral graduates who, in public or private praxis or in the medium of higher education or science, devote part of their time, study and work to the preparation of a treatise, a textbook or of a technical manual.

Notwithstanding the future that the current doctoral student holds, that of joining an academic and / or scientific career writing research articles for 20 or 30 years, if he realizes in time (when he starts his doctorate) that the mere Having to deal with the writing of your thesis (for two or three years or more) can be taken as a long-term writing workshop, do not doubt that in the end you will be forged as a writer of future books.

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